Sunday, September 25, 2011

my fair lady.

i'm gonna take a moment to hit pause on the venue "woes and wows" and talk about a wedding fair i went to with a friend today. we checked out tilt wedding fair in oakland this afternoon, which was a nice venture into wedding concepts that were alternative, creative, offbeat, vintage, and contemporary.

i got some ideas for cool save-the-dates and invitations -- my favorite design was from hello lucky, from their "big day" collection. love. i especially heart the rsvp cards.

aaaaaand my favorite part of the fair was the magbooth. WANT. it was dangerously good fun. but i don't have the $2,000 built into the budget for something like this, so i would have to find an alternate way to make a photo booth happen for the wedding. like if i did a jerry-rigged slr with a remote shutter and props from the dollar store! um yes, people. the ghetto version. here's my little sess below:

those sunglasses are ballin'.
while there, i also got to gush over linens and jewelry i can't afford. however that was made up for by the caterers with free samples and neat-o swag bags. all in all it was definitely worth the trip. i mean, come on, who doesn't love free shit?! last but not least, i got to finish it all off with a lychee tea snowball. yummm.

why yes, that IS a delicious piece of almond shortbread in it.


Anna said...

Don't forge to check out, the blog I'm obsessed with and keep telling you about! Lots more awesome alternative vendors to be found there, and even discussions on how to make your own photo booth ;)

Michelle ruiz said...


OperaQueenie said...

thanks anna! unrelated: oakland is growing on me ;)

michelle: <3

Kim said...

As you're researching, I keep meaning to make sure you've found the Practical Wedding blog. Some good stuff. And they just published a directory: