Monday, September 26, 2011

color me pretty.

today was a good day. we got the contract from st. francis hall (the venue piece is almost officiaaaaal!), and schniz and i put together a color palette for the wedding. the perfect palette blog is awesome, by the way.

figchartreuse. light coral. and ivory and black, of course.

yaaaayayaya! fun girly stuffs!

gone are the days where you pick two colors and everything must be one or the other and matching exactly. i much prefer to paint a picture of varied hues, pleasing to the eye and the soul.

below is a special treat for you. ;)

it took me a really long time to put this together for some reason --  i may be giving myself more credit than i deserve as "tech savvy" -- but i did it! here's a little photo board made from various photos i stole off the interwebs, inspired by my wedding palette. booyah.

i heart pretty pictures.

stay tuned for the official wedding date! i know you are on the edge of your seat. and the next stop on the crazy train: the invitation list. oh, what a MONSTER. more to come on the meantime, feel free to shower me with gushy love and insights about wedding colors!


Rahree said...

LOVE. way to go, creative lady. so beautiful!

Sr89 said...

LOVE the palette! Your day will be gorgeous...can't wait :-)

Anonymous said...

Its going to be a fascinating setting . We liked what we looked at.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! -Les