Friday, September 23, 2011

gotta get down on friday!

yesterday i talked about st. francis hall as the top venue contender. afterward i ogled the photos some more, went drinking with some co-workers, came home, looked at everything again with polotek, and went to sleep. how do i feel now?

i still feel like it's fabulous. dare i say perfect? polotek likes the place, too. the catch is that we can only afford to book a friday at this venue. with a rental fee of $2500, that fits exactly within our budget with no wiggle room. the good thing is that the price does include everything in the rental, including taxes and fees (yippeeee!!), but i can't just gloss over the fact that booking a friday wedding clearly requires that most people take a day off from work if they want to attend. is it selfish to book a friday wedding?

let's think about this...

  • it would save us $700 (vs. sunday) or $1500 (vs. saturday)! i could do a lot of other awesome things with that money. like buy a wedding dress.
  • fridays are easier to book since most couples get married on saturday
  • we could use the rest of the weekend to hang out with our peeps, without the pressure of the upcoming wedding
  • people can get significantly inebriated at the reception and sleep it off on a saturday ;)
  • we could take pictures that look like this (!!!!):
this is an actual picture taken on their grounds. amaze.

  • people would more than likely have to take a day off from work to attend
  • some people may not be able to make it because of work....?
  • people possibly driving in dc traffic to our wedding in the city on a friday afternoon...?

i would now like to open up this discussion to the public. please PLEASE let me know your thoughts on this!!


Melissa said...

Day wedding or evening wedding? I think you can make it fly just fine if it's an evening wedding. That way locals can still work half or even full day.

Do you have a lot of people traveling? That's another consideration as well.

Ultimately, do whatever works best for you. People that love you will do whatever it takes to be there. :) People who think it's rude... well, do you really want them there anyway? ;)

Sr89 said...

My lovey, It's becoming more and more common to attend weddings on Friday evenings because of the cost so I wouldn't fret. As long as people know well in advance, they can plan appropriately, people have taken off many a Fridays before so why not do it in the name of love?

OperaQueenie said...

I think you are right about trying to work it later in the day, especially because there will be many out-of-towners coming.

jacqueline said...

I think a Friday wedding would be fine and agree with all your pros. As for cons, maybe you can arrange transport with hotels to help ease Friday traffic worries a bit? With you and Marco now on the west coast, I think having the extra time to enjoy time with family and friends post hectic wedding energy would be great for ya'll and family.

Matt said...

I think an evening wedding is perfectly fine (and dare I say classy? It's like a swanky invitation only event—in the sense that it is), so a) people wouldn't even really have to take a day off, maybe just leave early. And even if they need to take off, who doesn't love at LEAST a half day?

Kim said...

Yep, Friday it is. You might loose a few people, but what you might gain in extra time with your family and friends by having the whole weekend is huge. Your heart is already at this venue on a Friday night, and it's your wedding, so that's that. :)

Ariane said...

I don't see any issue with Friday- it's just one day of work- if that. Also, if people are traveling long distances to attend they will probably be taking time off from work anyway. Go for it- it's your day!

Christina said...

I'm super late on thus BUT what if you had it either before or after crazy traffic time? Maybe that would be less stressful for people...