Thursday, September 22, 2011

more about the venue.

i have to give a shout out to the amazing people who are bored enough to read my whiny ramblings on this blog and give me feedback. thank you.

boy, what a difference a day makes. things have changed dramatically since yesterday -- in a good way! i gotta give props to my lovely stepmom and schniz, because thanks to them we have two new contenders, and one that has made it from purgatory into the promised land.

3. arlington arts center (arlington, va)
i'm bringing this place back into the fold. schniz went to see it for us yesterday, and reported back with great things to say. if we went with this place we would have to go all out on the non-traditional track because there are a lot of compartmentalized spaces that make up the whole, but overall its a fabulous venue that is within budget! i could even see us doing something fun with the catering here...with food trucks!

2. artisphere (arlington, va)
ummm...fabulous in every way i can think of. and centrally located in rosslyn. we'd try to rent the terrace gallery and the outdoor terrace. the (unconfirmed) drawback is that we would have to rent furniture (also an issue with arlington arts center). and that is an expense that we can't afford unless we get extra crafty with the setup. which is a possibility. so this place is a possibility.

1. st. francis hall (washington, dc)
oh yeah, people. check this one out. i just found out about this place this morning and i'm so amped. it's within budget, if we book a friday. tables/chairs/audio equipment is included. it's in the city, and drop dead gorge. look at a couple photos i nabbed from the website...

yayayayaya! can you smell the juicy bacon?

now what i'm going to do is sleep on it. and by sleep on it, i mean i am going out drinking to try to keep myself from obsessing about it, and then i'm going to look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. if by then the haze of gloriousness hasn't worn off, we may just move to booking!


Anna said...

Yay for updating your blog :). And that place in DC looks amazingly beautiful--so classy!!

OperaQueenie said...

i'm gonna give myself a gold star for yesterday. i'll try to keep it up!

jacqueline said...

St. Francis looks gorgeous, hun. I think it has massive potential.

jacqueline said...

Not that food trucks wouldn't be a blast!

Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland said...

I think a Friday wedding would be cool...The people you REALLY want to be there will definitely make an effort to come. Plus, it may help you to tighten up the guest list.