Sunday, April 15, 2012

wedding jetsetting.

a quick update here:

(1) looks like a honeymoon is happening for these two kids! we were happy to discover that we will be getting some money back from uncle sam this year, and are going to put it toward our honeymoon. more details to come on how the planning for that shakes out, but we have decided on the location....
we're going to tahiti! aaaaand moorea and also maybe bora bora. either way, we'll be in french polynesia enjoying post-nuptial bliss this september. ahhh...yes.

in case you were wondering....

paradise, anyone?
so. frickin' excited.

and speaking of excited....

(2) my east coast bachelorette party will be this weekend in new york city! i'm pumped. my wedding goddess has taken care of everything, and i can't wait to see my besties in the big apple for a night of mayhem classy celebration around town! many details are being kept top secret, but knowing schniz, this will be a night i'll never forget! i love all my ladies and am SOOO looking forward to toasting with you this weekend!

check out these amazing invites! so perfect.

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