Saturday, December 10, 2011

cater 2 me.

see? i haven't forgotten about you. life has just busy and amazing all at once.

something that happened since my last post....WE BOOKED A CATERER!

a holiday miracle!

that was no easy feat. it's good that i was armed with a wedding goddess to help with what seemed like an endless re-tooling of the contract. but i think it ended up being something that is going to make our big day an awesome one.

i have to admit that it was tough choosing who we wanted to go with, even though we were only seriously looking at two caterers. and after much ado, we are going to have R&R Catering of Springfield, VA handle our catering needs!

one thing (of many) that assures us about having made this choice is that they have partnered with St. Francis Hall before, and seem to have a great working relationship with them.

whew. i'm so glad this part is taken care of.

a note to future brides reading this: please PLEASE be ready to put down mega money for the catering part of the wedding. and even more important, be ready to put down a large chunk of dollars for the deposit. we only had to pay a 25% deposit, which schniz tells me is conservative, but that was about $2,150..... now you can do the math of how much the entire catering bill will be.

so, if polotek or i ask, all one hundred and fifty of you bastards coming to the wedding better tell us the food was one of the best meals of your life.

truth be told, we haven't come to a final decision on what the actual menu will be, and luckily we have plenty of time to mull it over. all i know is that mac-n-cheese will be apart of it somehow. that's a definite. and we are doing something special for the dessert portion, so no wedding cake (or cutting fee) is in the catering number. that will be a separate line item of the budget entirely.

but some of the things included were:
* ceremony set-up and breakdown
* cocktail hour munchies
* beer & wine open bar
* buffet style meal for 150
* actual dishes, linens and service for a 5-hour 150 person wedding
* piece of mind

i know people have opinions. any feedback for me on caterers in general or what kind of food is good to eat?


cbrubin770 said...


Congrats on your booking!! This was also one of the biggest things to check off our Wedding To-Do list.

It might not be relevant for your shindig, but for us, I was glad to note that the appetizers/1st course would be served shortly before the first big dance began.

Therefore, instead of hot potatoes/gravy, rice pilaf, or stuffed (fill-in-the-blank), I picked chilled/room temp. food/sides like fish, salad, bread, eggplant, hummus, dips etc.

That way when people took a few bites, got up to dance and sat down to finish, they had something perfectly tasty (at room temp.) instead of once-piping-hot food that (waah-waaah) got cold.

Of course the main dish was hot (and people could choose a hot or cold-fruit soup earlier) -- but I knew they'd all be seated for that one, and it would stay as hot and tasty as it was supposed to!

It's a small detail (and maybe most people wouldn't notice/care) but I remember how you'd always say "I like my food HOT!" when we'd cook/eat together ;D so it seems like it might be important to you/your guests.

Hope that helps sweetie!
Lots of love from overseas ~

Christina said...

what whaaaaat s-field! (you know that's where i grew up, right?! only amazingness comes out of the "field". haha) i'm sure the food will be scrumptious! glad you were able to get that all figured out!

Anonymous said...

that was just 25%? Craig Claiborne's ghost must be visiting us at the reception. I promise, I am going to scrape my plate.